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#761 [url]

Jan 11 12 7:36 PM

i forgot i babysit wednesdays guys. my bad for not showing up. i can ride tomorrow and friday

crack is wack

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#763 [url]

Jan 29 12 8:17 PM

Weather permitting I'm planning on doing some balls to the wall laps Wed around 730-8

My work schedule has sucked these last few and coming weeks
One day off in 25 days. Not stoked.

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#770 [url]

Mar 12 12 8:13 PM

im down for that chrissss

smarter not harder.

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#777 [url]

Mar 28 12 11:50 AM

i MIT BE DOWN FOR some laps tonight also. EVen though i forgot my bike pants. But i will live lol Let me know i can meet ppl at union sq 


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#780 [url]

Mar 28 12 12:29 PM

Track bikes or road bikes?


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