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Sep 1 10 8:23 PM

Damn @benson just glad to hear you are ok.


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Sep 2 10 7:11 AM

That sucks bro! glad to hear you're ok for the most part and the bike isnt too messed up. 14t is not ideal for the street...get well soon buddy.

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Sep 2 10 11:11 PM

Thanks guys I am lucky to walk away from this. The accident didnt really hurt but my body now is really sore my leg and shoulder are bruised. 
I called the police as soon as this happened and took we exchanged information. I should be hearing from his insurance soon.


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Sep 29 10 11:18 AM

This is from last summer, but I wanted to contribute anyways..

The Story:
I was with about 14 people doing fast pace lines through the park (all road bikes, I was on my Cervelo P3C) on a weekday evening. We had done it several times before and the park was usually pretty clear around that time. Anyways, we were coming down the big hill thats past the 15th Street park entrance and, just like in tv shows and the movies, a little kid chases a ball into the street.. I was somewhere in the middle so I couldn't see exactly what was going on, all i knew was that I we were going a little more than 30mph and I was down in the aero bars. The people riding in front of my swerved quickly to avoid hitting the kid but ended up banging into each other causing a crash, which of course I crashed into, etc... I went flying over my bars and the whole incident took maybe 5 seconds and took down 6 riders.

This pic was taken after I changed out of my torn CSC Test Team kit and cleaned up a bit. There was a gaping crack on the front of the helmet right above my left eyebrow and chunk of missing styrofoam near my left temple. It was a pretty gory scene. Blood coming out of my chin and cheek and running down my neck, coming out my shoulder and elbow and running down my arm, knees etc but you get the idea. The knees kept bleeding thoguh which made for a very dramatic photo haha. p.s. Also went to the hospital right after the pic was taken to find out that I had broken my left clavicle for the 3rd time :-p

I ride track bikes, not trick bikes.

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Oct 28 10 11:55 AM

1st Ave on one of the first days of summer. Big black truck cut in at beth israel on the 16th. Bounced back from his front fender and faceplanted. 6 stitches and a slightly bent bontrager drop bar. 

I keep hearing stories about people going down on 1st. Still one of the fastest and funniest roads on the commute : ) Love catching the wave from houston up to 20th. 

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Nov 3 10 8:45 AM

i have no pics,  because all those times i got into an accident no1 was there to take photos, but in the past 5 years i've had 3 serious accidents

1. hit and run  myrtle ave and bedford : 4 chipped ribs ( not broken ) , internal bleeding on my back area  and shoulders , had to get a surgery to relief the stress cause by internal bleeding it was making my chest tight and hard to breathe,

2. riding on flushing meadows  while the U.S open : it was that point where it gets dark but the lights havent turned on yet, the police had put on blue barricades and i was riding pretty fast obviously didnt see it and bam:  bunch of scrapes, musscle strains , small shoulder fracture.

3. riding down 5th ave: a cab decided to run the red light , fortunately i dodged it on time, but that caused me to get into a crowd while i was out of control and still dodging people  as soon as that ended there was a car double parking, hit it and flew over the car,  tons of scrapes, head injury , twisted my left ankle,

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Nov 27 10 9:55 AM

just got hit last night broski's
I was riding down broadway and some asshole pulled an illegal u-turn and I crashed into him then rolled off the hood. It was right in front of the funeral home and there's MAD blood on the sidewalk

12 stitches, no nerve or tendon damage. bike is good except for my brooks saddle. and i have a scrape on my right cheek. luckily im alive. next purchase is a catlike pro 2 helmet and i'll never take it off

Click here to view the attachment

crack is wack

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Nov 27 10 10:43 AM

ah man fuck that sucks : / 

i should wear a helmet more often. only hit once in 2 years on these streets but i still scraped my eyebrow up under the helmet. what did the driver do when you hit him ? 

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Nov 27 10 12:51 PM

the guy stayed and filled out the accident report bc i got gangsta on him. he hit me and i yelled "PULL OVER!!!" then 15 mina later the cops and ambulance showed up

crack is wack

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