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May 4 11 5:05 AM

i just read this.  holy shit mike.  i'm glad you're okay.

cool, calm, just like your mom

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May 23 11 4:20 PM

today i was riding home from school tryin out my new 84gi gearing. all of a sudden a small ass yorkie runs across the street right in front of me. so i slammed my front brake and flipped over. broke my fall with my arms/elbow. then i rolled over and my bike was still in the air flying towards me. the stem nails me on the forehead and blood was everywhere. when i finally got my composure back the guy with the dog was nowhere to be found. just a bunch of useless pedestrians looking at me...

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May 25 11 9:25 AM

damn sorry man. seems everyone using front brakes flip over this week :X

on a side note i got sidelined by that black messenger that got clipped by the kid on the concept. He thought it was me. Talked to him a bit while going over the bridge and apparently he stomped his own top tube. Not the kid who hit him. Its the guy with double aerospokes on a brown steel frame. 

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May 28 11 8:06 AM

Damn Flex, I guess it gotta happen to everyone sometime riding in tha city.

I almost got doored riding my geared bike a couple weeks back.
N I think its so much harder to stop on geared in a emergency situation than fixed.
I was goin so fast, luckily I swerved in time and there was no traffic to my left.
I turned around cursing and waving my arm like an Italian Pro Cyclist!

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May 28 11 2:08 PM

lmfaooo, nah i was going like 10mph max and then WAM. probably out of commission for like 2 weeks max. i'll be hitting the gym to stay in shape

crack is wack

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Jun 23 11 11:24 PM

This happen tonight, so I'm blasting up 3rd street (parkslope) and it's 2 am. I'm riding along side a buddy of mine and we are trying to beat the light and all of sudden he pulls back and I mash on much harder than before. When at that moment I see the lights of a Verizon truck a 6wheeler, I try to skid but we are both going to fast. So at that point I fall the my side and slide on the concrete and he swerves, but the back of his truck hits my rear and spins me and pulls my bike from my feet that were still strapped in and speeds off. Luckily everything was ok, and all I have is a cut elbow, thankfully, all this the night before I graduate lol.

Ride it like you Stole it.

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Jul 12 11 11:35 AM

Some of you may remember my old PK RIPPER (SILVER AND BLU) I sold it to a customer from my store who lived around the corner from my store. The other day I drove into work and while I was looking for a parking. I saw the guy who I sold my bike to get hit by a cab driver. Thank god he was fine just lil scratches . BUt the bike wasn't as lucky. But he did get a brand new bike from the cab driver because he didn't want to get the cops involved. GOD SPEED. 

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