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#41 [url]

Nov 25 10 6:37 AM

Ahh on that flushing steeze. Action is pretty dope.

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#44 [url]

Nov 25 10 12:57 PM

@unvanished - been listening to it for like a week straight. Chris Rock killed the whole album on the blame game haha.


haha chris rock's part at the end of the song has me rolling every single time i hear it.

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#50 [url]

Dec 1 10 9:49 AM

My boy Darien is always uploading great mixes on his is a must have...classic hip hop from the 90s....just sayin

Click here to view the attachment


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#52 [url]

Apr 6 11 10:05 AM

Shameless plug time! Try doing laps to this.
Not my music but i play turntables in the touring band version.

Live and direct...

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