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Jul 30 10 10:47 AM

wow thats crazy. 


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Aug 6 10 9:29 AM

I was at Affinity while they had to assemble 6 of the same exact bikes for the movie. Metropolitan frame Velocity B43 Thomson Sugino 75 Fizik Nitto ahhhh $$$$$$$$$$$$$


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Aug 19 10 3:34 PM

AYYYO!  that shits ridiculous. theres always got to be some ignorant "" mofo to be hating on dudes who got they shit on smash.  let em hate, its flattering. 

All Hail The Rulling Elite

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Aug 19 10 8:37 PM

i think it's awesome i've been bike snobbed.  i can't really be mad at him otherwise he wouldn't be called a bike snob.  honestly, i think the only reason i ride the anchor on the street is to get reaction like that. it's not like i paid retail for it.  as far as skidding and taking up two lanes he was exaggerating.  well i was skidding.  haha.  usually i would just shred but i just bought those pair of vans and i'm trying to make it last for more than a month.  

i never really go on his blog, it's too much reading for my liking.  

cool, calm, just like your mom

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Aug 20 10 3:32 AM

well since you put it that way sure my case i would hate to find a picture of myself on a site i dont even know about. especially if it bothers them how much my setup looks worthy or not.

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