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#41 [url]

Oct 27 10 10:13 AM

yes sir that was monstertrack! You keep finding photos of me that I've never seen hahaha

creeperz.. J/K!!!!!! :-P

I ride track bikes, not trick bikes.

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#50 [url]

Nov 23 10 12:48 PM

He sold me a chain ring today. no in store sale : )

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#59 [url]

Dec 22 10 8:42 PM

DAMNNNN Don I wanted that look so badly. lol ride safe homie congrats on the new 2011. haha i agree with macky. I didnt get that memo. I need to step my game up. lol


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#60 [url]

Dec 22 10 8:58 PM

The bb on that Look is really high I dig


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