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Aug 20 10 8:03 AM

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Post here for anything related to proper bike fits, pedal strokes, stretches, workouts, diet, etc.

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#6 [url]

Aug 23 10 9:16 AM

Kinda like dis doodes Youtube chanel
seems knowledgeable enough he also sellin shit tho..

Oh Rotor...someday

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Oct 6 10 6:24 PM

If you want to get fast to win something read the Bicycle Training Bible.

Otherwise, just ride more and live healthy. Ride slower, but farther. Then ride faster, but shorter. Alternate the two. And always rest harder than you train.

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#8 [url]

Dec 7 10 7:52 PM

After doing 4 sets of leg presses, about 250+ leg extensions, calf raises, etc, I decided to jump on the spin bike for the first time since my wreck. The ones at Planet Fitness are computerized so im like hell yea lets go. I fire up the hill climb program and chose level 15 outta 25 for 15 minutes.... yeah that didnt happen

after the first 3 minutes of climbing i had to back down to level 10. then i decided to spin thru the downhill portion like a fool and spent the rest of my energy for a grand total of 2 miles and 4+ minutes.

Yay, i will be the slowest person on this forum next spring.

Do it for the city

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Apr 11 11 9:17 AM

From Bikeradar:

Training: 10 simple steps to your ideal cycling weight

Weightloss by numbers (BikeRadar)

Reaching your target weight is one of the best ways to get more from training. Henry Furniss, personal trainer and co-founder of Wyndymilla Bespoke Cycling, uses diet and nutrition alongside his limited exercise time to keep in peak physical condition. We spoke to him for his top tips for losing weight and getting lean.
1 Do the maths
“Most people have a clearly defined weight at which they can perform without compromise,” says Furniss. Eliminate guesswork: find a health professional who can measure body fat using callipers. “The right target can then be set, accounting for lean gains as well as fat loss.”
2 Prepare well
“Plan the date you’re going to start your new regime,” says Furniss. “Give yourself at least a week to psych up and think through the logistics of the changes you’ll make.”
3 Eat well
“Don’t think of your quest as a diet,” Furniss continues. “The right foods will usually have higher nutrient values but a lower calorie density.” It’s simply a case of eating the right types of food, such as fruit, vegetables, lean meats and fish.
4 Structure meals
“Many people eat very little for breakfast or just skip it completely,” says Furniss. “We’d be a much leaner nation if breakfast was king and the evening meal light. As much as 40 per cent of your calorie intake should be consumed in the morning.” Avoid starchy foods like bread, rice and pasta in the evening.
5 Drink more
“Stay hydrated. This is key if your body is going to react with greatest effect to all your efforts,” says Furniss. He suggests drinking herbal liquids to stave off hunger as your body adjusts to smaller evening meals: “Teas like peppermint or ginger top up your hydration and also aid digestion.”
6 Be realistic
Set out the right training targets. “Less is more, especially for us busy folk,” says Furniss. “Go for three solid sessions rather than aiming for five and feeling bad if you miss one. I maintain my elite licence on three hours of training a week, give or take.”
7 Self-motivate
“Get goal driven,” says Furniss. “It’s a cliché, but consistency is key.” Whatever your aim is, put it in a diary. It'll give you the drive you need to avoid the muffins.
8 Add wisely
“Don’t shy away from supplementation,” says Furniss. Getting what you need from a natural balanced diet can be hard with a job, family and training. Essential fats and recovery drinks can boost weight loss and keep immune responses up.
9 Hit the sack
“Overtraining is normally just a case of under resting,” Furniss explains. “Without enough sleep our ability to remain disciplined and focused is severely compromised. Seven to nine hours is ideal.”
10 Get support
“Social pressures can put strain on your health kick,” says Furniss. “The last thing you need is breakfast-skipping vultures circling you with pizzas and beer late at night. Get them on board.”  

Looking good

Let's be honest, as well as improving our power-to-weight ratio and cycling performance, losing weight and toning up has the added benefit of making us easier on the eye. Henry Furniss gives us his body fat percentage guide to looking good naked…
18% or more: With your clothes on, you look overweight.
16-18%: You look like you hold no excess weight when fully clothed.
15%: Starting to look good naked.
13%: You won’t be compromising performance due to excess body fat.
10%: Somebody’s resembling the Michelangelo statue…
5-8%: Ripped to bits; the optimal level at which all top level, in-form male endurance athletes perform.

Tires FS: LimeGreen/black Detonators 23s folding. $20 Get on TWITTER Bitches!/aldep

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#10 [url]

Apr 11 11 4:06 PM

yo kenny really knows his shit. did laps in central park with him this past friday and i felt the difference after he taught me a couple of things. king of the hill jr. right here

crack is wack

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#12 [url]

Apr 17 12 5:06 PM

Was "ordered" to stay off the bike for 3 months after I aggravated an old hip injury (sustained while surfing about 10 years ago). Been a month and a half and I'm already terrified of my first ride. 

If you see a fat guy on a neon yellow Schwinn Paramount this summer getting dropped by old people on hybrids, please be gentle. It'll be a painful, slow path back to normalcy. 

That said, tips to start getting back in somewhat ok shape for the time being. I needs 'em. 

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