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#321 [url]

Jun 13 11 10:08 PM

Hey everyone, I'm Eric. I'm an advertising student in SF but come back east during my breaks. I grew up riding and (mostly) photographing BMX in NY and got into track bikes when I moved to SF. I'm down to ride whenever so if there's anything in the works let me know! Hopefully I'll catch some of you at wednesday laps.

My daily is a Soma Rush and and my freecoaster/beer bike is a Pista.

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#328 [url]

Jun 21 11 9:23 AM

what's up guys, I'm Anthony. I've been riding solo for about a year now. Photographer, writer, adventurer, I live on the thrill of experiencing new places, different cultures, and unique peoples. Look forward to meeting you dudes up for some rides in the future.

PS- that's my whip in the photograph.

Peace and love,

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#330 [url]

Jul 6 11 2:51 PM

Hi everyone, I'm Will, I've been on PDL for a while just lurkn (as the decals suggest) and have been meaning to introduce myself.

this is me with my lady

and this is the most recent photo of the ride

I just graduated from high school in Massachusetts but I live in NY over the summer and during my breaks. I started riding fixed in 2008 but only got a few friends with bikes so I ride alone a lot WHICH SUCKS. I'm hoping to get in on Wednesday Night Laps and just hanging and meeting everyone. Get at me!

W 415.894.5516

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#331 [url]

Jul 6 11 3:10 PM

Welcome dude, it's a great community of people here; and most definitely come out to laps, you'll meet all the well known PDL'ers

Ride it like you Stole it.

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#333 [url]

Jul 6 11 6:48 PM

Originally, just outside Boston, near Braintree/Qunicy area. You a masshole at heart too?

I haven't tried to do a ride that big, but if I had a road bike I'd love to.

W 415.894.5516

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#338 [url]

Jul 8 11 1:46 PM

Name's Chris. 
Philly born and raised.
Been in Brooklyn for about a year now after a short time in Boston.

I ride this (new seatpost and saddle since the photo):

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#340 [url]

Jul 8 11 2:14 PM

I believe it was AL who PM'd me over on BF and told me to check this place out
I could be wrong

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