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Oct 19 11 5:47 AM

yo. what up y'all. jp here. i haven't posted in a while but I'm out here in new york until November job hunting. anyway, I'm holed up here in east village at my girl's spot and the loner bike I'm using is in bushwick. are there any rides planned after the rain passes besides tour de Bronx? i hope to link up with you guys while I'm out here.

do. damage. daily.

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Feb 22 13 2:07 PM

Hey, I'm Lurvey. I'm here from PDXFixed. I'm a machinist for a bike company and I go to school for art. I hope you don't mind if I hang here not being from NY, if not, I can f-off. Here is me:

Here are my bikes:

Nature Boy:

Serotta Nova Special:

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