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#181 [url]

Sep 10 11 7:14 AM

Thanks all!  Yeah Frankie, I'm fully believe pink accents make you faster 

Oh god no, I wish I had a Parlee track.  But it would be a sin to use that as my commuter.  That's the paradox of track bicycles.  I want to spend $ on baller stuff to ride everyday, but there's no way if I'm locking it outside.  ...unless I get freakishly good at the velodrome, then it's a different story.

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#183 [url]

Sep 11 11 11:51 AM

Yeah i couldnt give two shits about looks :D
Id say I pick out items from weight first, durability second because having shit croak in traffic sucks. And then generally as black as i can go, for looks :P 

Btw, check this odd colorway out. 

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#188 [url]

Nov 6 11 6:54 AM

Mavic Carbones are really good wheels. This time of year, theres closeouts all over the place. Check out They sometimes have great deals on wheels. These reynolds wheels are always going on sale on and I've seen them listed on a few times too:

Also, if you are into a set of non deep dish wheels that are pretty sick, I know someone selling a pair of these for a very good price:

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