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Jan 14 11 10:42 AM

You guys are making me want to go back to all campy... on the c-dale. 
But I'd probably go w/ 2  20 spoke ventos this time around instead of the rear atlanta. 

Love it or Leave it.

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#22 [url]

Jan 14 11 11:59 AM

I had these Shamals on my road bike for like a minute. they were tubulars, not so good for riding far far away. 16 spokes and kind of scary to brake on since the tension varied so much between spokes. they were very aero, but kind of heavy

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#30 [url]

Mar 2 11 8:14 AM

that stanridge speed is INSANE, i know where my lawsuit money is going now

crack is wack

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Mar 23 11 8:09 PM

I had a Nike meeting yesterday. Their building is on 14th and 8th a block away from Apple in the meat packing dist. So since I had time I went to go check out the new IPAD witch i have to get. But i really went to go check out witch bike Angelo had locked outside. LOAD AND BEHOLD . He had this beauty out. Every once Angelo RIDE SAFE GOD SPEED 

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