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Nov 9 11 7:04 AM

guchi FGFS.  Would never ride but sure looks nice.

cool cool. cool cool cool.

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Feb 13 12 6:50 AM

Bradley will lose to Pacquiao, probly badly by the championship rounds. Pacquiao does fine against guys coming forward. He sets traps and does well when a guy is pressing him. Cuz his speed means that much more with a guy closing the distance for him. Bradley can outbox a predictable slower guy like Peterson but his game is to come forward, apply pressure, the lil engine that could.
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George: (to Jimmy) Wh...Where d'you get'em?"
Jimmy: "Jimmy sells'em."
George: "You sell them?"
Jimmy: "Oh yeah! But Jimmy's all out right now. Moving to Manhattan set
Jimmy back a bit."
George: "Hey listen ,let me give you my card. It's got my home number on it.
I want to buy the first pair when the next shipment comes in."
Jimmy: "All right"
George: "All right Jimmy Good talking to ya."
Jimmy: "Jimmy'll see you around."


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#125 [url]

Feb 13 12 8:48 AM

I think Bradley has the match on lock hes been looking strong in his past few fights and there's $5 million that he's set to win ... Just my .02

smarter not harder.

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#129 [url]

Feb 23 12 7:58 AM

I played a show in Copenhagen once and even being on stage people on the floor were taller than me. Is it the water? Real Estate Oakvilleholidays in barbados


I got spam quoted! So honoured.
Admins, please do something about this troll.

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May 3 12 3:45 PM

I so want that sram 80 so bad 


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