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Feb 18 11 8:06 AM

Words to be found on the forum, these are the
Forum Words of the Week:



Tires FS: LimeGreen/black Detonators 23s folding. $20 Get on TWITTER Bitches!/aldep

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Feb 25 11 9:45 AM

Im still loving wrestling from late 90s 


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Feb 25 11 12:30 PM

The rock is back at wrestling. My son is all hyped up because he is back. I my son is a big wrestling fan. I told him its not the same as back in the days with the classic fighters. ULTIMATE  WARRIOR .  

That bike is fire I want one like that just to have with MR. CARTOON GRAPHICS ON IT. HOTTNESSSS LOL 


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#55 [url]

Apr 7 11 7:11 AM

OMG that guy doing squats is NUTS. I've been doing squats on a smith machine and i can barely handle 100lbs with out the pressure crushing my damn neck.


i was doin 180 before when i was playing football in HS thats how i fuck my left knee!!

bud dont me you wiser

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#56 [url]

Apr 7 11 8:06 AM

well i'm not sure about squats never tried them but back in HS i was doing around 300-360 on the leg press and up to 300 on the calf raise machines, but then again i was constantly playing ball and i wanted to be able to dunk then.

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