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Dec 18 10 7:15 AM

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I got a ticket the other night for "failure to keep right" when entering the williamsburg on the Manhattan side. I just want to give you guys fair warning so you keep your eyes peeled for cops in that area. Apparently they are "cracking down". Dicks. If you wanna hear what happened, read here.

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Dec 18 10 7:25 AM

Damn bro it's funny how he went completely out of his way to go up a bridge to write you up, and by doing that he's putting peoples lives in danger. I've gotten stupid tickets as well so it's not the first from the boys in blue.

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Dec 18 10 2:23 PM

Well the ticket only has traffic infractions on the back so it's hard to tell. The cheapest offense is $130. I'm pleading not guilty in hopes of reducing or dismissing it.

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Dec 20 10 1:23 PM

I used to ride delancey to the bridge like that every day but i started taking east houston to suffolk and then down suffolk all the way to the foot of the bridge. a lot less traffic and there is chari on the way : ) 

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May 26 11 2:41 PM

I got to join the club,
got a summons for riding on sidewalk in BK.
I was basically cutting across an open courtyard of a building to get to the other side so I would be riding
with traffic instead of against it. Cops were parked in Courtyard.
I really didnt think I was doing anything wrong.
Cops tailed me then nailed me, thought about makin a run for it,
But I had just got back from riding in the city and was tired and hot.

The bummer is I gotta show up in court and the judge will prolly just throw it out!
What waste of time!

Im posting this very helpful link read it!:

—AC 19-176 - Riding bicycles on sidewalks is prohibited. Bicycles may be confiscated.
NOTE: Tickets for riding on the sidewalk fall under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Control Board (ECB). If you are given a ticket or summons that requires you to appear in criminal court instead, you should be able to get the ticket thrown out for lack of jurisdiction.

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