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May 5 12 9:32 AM

lol.. I know.. I'm sure you can find it online for cheaper. I bought this one in a store.

Name: Javon aka Apollo Quote: No pistons just pedals.

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May 5 12 3:15 PM

Only for one wheel?

You don't need two locking nuts on each wheel..

One nut on each wheel will still prevent the wheel from being taken

I ride track bikes, not trick bikes.

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May 7 12 9:08 AM

^ LOL 

Anyways, my hip seems to be ready for some (slow) riding, and I copped this Bare Knuckle. It should help keep me entertained for a bit, though I may be looking for something just slightly larger in size. 

This one's 52cm c-t. Would be better off with 53, maybe even 54cm c-t. 

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