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Jan 14 11 8:42 AM

@turbomini when you are ready to sell those wheels let me know because i think they will look sweet on my new whip lol . just in case 


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Jan 14 11 12:54 PM

I ride 75.6 now, but I want a monster chainring too!


do it!!!! I just swapped out cog and chainrings for 13X48 or 97.4" its a huge change but man can you go fast...except hills are nearly impossible.

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#44 [url]

Jan 14 11 7:15 PM

@frankie i got it on i think, just google cycle premier....and i dont think they make that model in black, it was like a limited release.

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Jan 15 11 10:15 AM

I should put a 13 on the back with my new 55 up front... 111.2" FTMFW!!!! hahaha ...never


that would be insane...your legs would fall off but then again you could spin 100rpm cadence and go 33MPH

W 415.894.5516

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Jan 16 11 10:41 AM

that front wheel is sweettttt 


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#51 [url]

Jan 16 11 4:55 PM

Yeah waiting on the tax return to cop the rear Jet disc, some 7710 cranks and Pro carbon drops then call it a day for good. No Mas!!

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#53 [url]

Jan 21 11 8:26 PM

Just won a set of Reynolds Reacon carbon clinchers on eBay by making them an offer of $340. The seller seemed to have a whole stock of them and one of their other auctions ended today at $435. The ones I made an offer on were listed at $777. I knew they were overpriced, but I didn't really expect them to accept my offer being they just sold a set for $100 more.

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#57 [url]

Jan 24 11 8:38 AM

Good deal Eric! Full Carbon Clinchers with track hubs are nearly impossible to find At that price.
Mines been super tough and the bearings are really quality. Dunno how the rear will hold up to Skidding for you brakeless dudes tho, Ive only skip stopped on mine plus um a light weight rider and its been fine.
That seller always has crazy last minute auctions for 99cents. I think I got my RIVAL rear mech from that guy for like $40 shipped new!

Tires FS: LimeGreen/black Detonators 23s folding. $20 Get on TWITTER Bitches!/aldep

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#58 [url]

Jan 26 11 8:05 PM

I'm not even sure if I'll run these as a full time replacement of my current wheelset, but for the price it was hard to pass up. Today I actually saw another set from the same seller go for $510. The seller also has another Buy it Now/Make an Offer listing with them again at $777. If anyone else is interested I bet you could pick up a set for the same or maybe even less than I paid for them. I was also concerned about riding them brakeless, but while doing some research on them I came across a few riders who seemed to be doing so without any issues. I'm also a really light rider, maybe even lighter than you Al. I'm not really familiar with different road/track bike setups, so I'm really curious to see how a fairly light carbon wheelset performs. If anything they'll make a nice upgrade on my gf's Kilo.

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#59 [url]

Jan 26 11 8:20 PM

Those Reynolds carbon wheels are bomb I know a guy who rides track and also rides these on the streets hes a pretty brawlic dude and rides them no prob 


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#60 [url]

Feb 19 11 9:50 AM

Low profile back up Road Wheelset for me Litespeed: COLE Rollen

Vintage Silver Seatpost for me Leader: Control Tech
Modern Brown Saddle for me Leader: Specialized
Short Teak fender for me Leader: Woody's
Vintage Tan n Green Specialized MTB Shoes (will go nicely with blue jeans me thinks) for when um on the Leader, still lookin for Crank Bro eggbeaters tho.

Red White Blue front Tire for the Dodi: Michelin Axial 23c
All Black Thickslick rear tire for the Dodi: Freedom 25c
Dodis lookin HOT for the Summa!

All dis for cheap! Thanks again Ebay!

Tires FS: LimeGreen/black Detonators 23s folding. $20 Get on TWITTER Bitches!/aldep

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