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Dec 30 10 10:19 PM

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Here Guys and Gals,

Let's talk kicks here.

(In reference to the Adidas SB line)

I think Mat was the first one that I saw with the Busenitz, then Rex had 'em and loved them, so I got myself a pair and I love them! But its a toss up between the Busenitz and the Nike Zoom Tiempos. The leather on the Nikes seem so much more durable, and the price difference is roughly above $20.

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Dec 30 10 11:02 PM

Before I went clipless I have always only wear Vans Authentic. Now Im back to straps I wearing Chrome Dresden which are designed for the pedal and I love them they are waterproof the soles are vulcanized but very stiff oh and they are hella grippy


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Dec 31 10 8:13 AM

I always wondered what those shoes in your pic was

I usually wear slip ons in Summer thru Fall, Running kicks threads are too grippy cant get into my pedals.
I always wanted to try some Asics Tigers.!B0pWYUgEWk~$%28KGrHqJ,!hIEw5NBtG,LBMbL8U5Sy!~~0_12.JPG

Tires FS: LimeGreen/black Detonators 23s folding. $20 Get on TWITTER Bitches!/aldep

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Jan 2 11 7:36 PM

In order of preference

  • Nike Zoom Tiempo (Livestrong), super super stiff sole, reflective swoosh, and very durable toecap (almost plastic-y)
  • Adidas Sambas
  • Vans Authentics

Hoping to go clipless or find another pair of the nikes

W 415.894.5516

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Jan 12 11 7:26 PM

So I've been thinking of going clipless lately, and I'm deciding on either getting the Sette shoes with Time Atac pedals from pricepoint, or should i save up and go with the SIDI shoes? since I've always heard amazing things about the SIDI.

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Jan 12 11 8:13 PM

Ive always wanted Sidis but I had Specialized SPD shoes and they are amazingly comfortable for the price most shoes are ment for the guys/gals with skinny narrow feet I have slightly wide foot and the Specialized were comfortable brand new and felt better broken in, they are very walkable and stiff!


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Jan 12 11 11:24 PM

I use the Sidi Giau and couldn't be happier. They were a great shoe to start out with when going clipless for me because I used them with Crank Brothers Eggbeater C pedals which are really easy to use and get used to. However, now that I've become more accustomed to clipless pedals I wish that my set up had less float as it is currently at a non-adjustable 6 degrees. In the spring I think that I'm going to get the Sette carbon road shoes that come with the Keo style pedal and cleats that have 0 degrees of float..

p.s. I don't know which Sette shoes you are looking at or what your budget is, but I got my Sidi's on ebay brand new from a retailer for about $125 shipped last spring..

I ride track bikes, not trick bikes.

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Apr 17 11 2:06 PM

I have Mavic Pelotons for when I ride the road bikes.  They're decent, though they were a little uncomfortable at first.  sort of had to "break them in". 

For the fixed gear, I usually wear my Asics Tigers, or Nike Gatos.

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Jun 22 11 2:33 PM

the #1 shoe choice for Shaolin monks and masters. these shoes are light, dry, quicky, and have padding exactly where you need them. downside: they are flexible. upside: $15.

smarter not harder.

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Jun 22 11 2:46 PM

i sell those at my store. Where are they for $15 ?  I sell them for $60 and so does everybody else that sells them. Better make sure They are not fake. lol 


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Jun 22 11 2:59 PM

i scooped em in chinatown at a martial arts warehouse that sells equipment. i had to call around for em but i found them. my buddy got them online for $20. where do you work btw?

smarter not harder.

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