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Jun 22 11 3:14 PM

I ride hold fast and clipless and I rock vans eras because I find authentics once broken in to flimsy also I'm a big van of SB janowskis along with és era shoe. Those 3 are amazing no complaints from any, stiff, sturdy, look bitchin' and the és are anti microbial so unless you rocking no socks everyday in 90+ degrees they wont smell. But I want to get some sambas or tiempos to compare and about to pick up some mavic road shoes before I leave for college cause in PA there's no reason for me to clip out

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Jun 22 11 3:36 PM

i scooped em in chinatown at a martial arts warehouse that sells equipment. i had to call around for em but i found them. my buddy got them online for $20. where do you work btw?


I have a store in brooklyn. smith st.


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Jun 22 11 3:39 PM

I have a store in brooklyn. smith st. [url]


oh nice. i am familiar. do you have anymore tour de obey tee's in a large kicking around i know theyre sold out online...

smarter not harder.

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Jun 23 11 7:41 AM

@SNEEKYPETE sorry they are sold out here also. lol 


damn. yo also i think my boy sam who worked for durkl knows you. said you were going to stock some of their stuff at one point.

smarter not harder.

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Jun 23 11 8:26 AM

Yes. I do know him really cool dude. We was but at the time business was rough. I hope down the line when things get better I can carry the line. I am sorry about yesterday i didn't know that was you lastnight. lol You did your thing keeping up with kenny and them. I am out of sharp. So i need to do a lot of training before keeping up with those dudes. PAUSE. lol 


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#30 [url]

Jun 27 11 8:59 PM


-Super stiff sole for mondo power transfer.
-Solid construction feels sturdy on pedals.
-Brilliantly weatherproof/breathable fabric.
-Luscious inner sole.  I always go sockless & never feel sticky.
-Cork midsole molds sublimely to your foot.
-Looks better with wear & age.

Yeah they're ridiculous at $260 a pair.  I saw them, then looked down at the Jack Purcells I've been wearing since 10th grade. Figured I finally deserve a new pair of sneakers.  Once you touch these, you can feel the quality oozing out.

An awesome shoe for riding. They're the main reason I went brakeless- I finally felt some real control over my pedals (that & finally using some Hold Fasts).  Just as good for running around the city- plowing through slush, jumping on benches, & running through subway stations.

They were a great shoe for the winter- but now that summer is rolling around, I'd like a pair of classic white kicks to ride in.  Tough to find a pair with stiff soles.  Any suggestions?

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Jun 27 11 9:14 PM

:)  Oh I do for the long rides.  But the most mondo amounts of stiffness are worth nothing while looking like a dork with shiny velcro shoes in the coffee shop.

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Jun 28 11 11:50 AM

Bought my first pair of SAMBAS from Frankie this spring. They are the dopest for clips!
Id always worn slip ons previously. (Yes I also have clipless shoes).
Sambas are stiff and the soles are great for tedshredding!

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Jul 8 11 8:36 PM

Kind of disappointed in these Vans. Don't know if I just need to break them in, but I wore them all day today and they were really uncomfortable, especially in the collar area.  The top of my heels are blistered, and in pain right now.  

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#38 [url]

Jul 9 11 8:53 AM

yeah, that back heel on the era takes awhile to break in. I had those in grey before, personally wasn't a fan. 
Nike zoom tiempos are still my favorite riding sneakers. Stiff sole, comfy, tough toe box, low profile so they slide in and out of clips easily. Try them out.

Love it or Leave it.

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