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Feb 24 11 7:28 PM

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Hey PDL,
I'm moving from Jersey City to Brooklyn next week and was reaching out for some assistance and resources on some help. Trucks, drivers, movers, etc.  If anyone has a car or truck that can help it would be more than appreciated. I don't have a ton of shit so yea ..


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Feb 24 11 8:00 PM

What days were you thinking? I have a pretty tight schedule, but I have a Mini Cooper S and a bike rack if our time tables and sync up..

I KNOW my car isn't big, but if you don't have a ton of shit.. it may help.. lmk

I ride track bikes, not trick bikes.

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Feb 25 11 12:52 AM

HOUSE PARTAY!!! YAY!!![image][image] Sorry Mang no car and no muscles,I gots Lotsa LARGE cardboard boxes tho


 balikbayan boxes! haha

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