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Mar 22 11 8:54 PM

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Anyone rides these tires? How are they in quality and skidding?

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Mar 22 11 10:03 PM

I know that Panasonic that makes the Panaracers makes these tires for Soma. Ive heard they had improved their sidewalls and skids for dayssss. Ive tried bending the tire and looks to me that there is alot of rubber.
Hope to hear from the locals guys about their thoughts


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Mar 23 11 6:35 AM

man those are wack. stick to Randos for the back and rubino in the front. best combo.. or if youre  a weight weenie, then go with Gatorskins  .. OR if you like the sound of the skid ( LOL ) fyxations ......."they make the best sound when you skid"

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Mar 23 11 7:23 AM

Thumbs up on these. I wanna say that I rode the 26c and they lasted just as long (if not longer) than a 28c rando. Just harder to find locally and a little more expensive if I remember. I think bike works in the LES carries them regularly.   


I find rando great but every time I use rando they last then the next one doesnt, and its a BITCH roll the bead off the rims. I wanted something with higher psi and lighter so I dont feel sluggish, racing tires dont last long I picked up a 23c Everwear at Continuum Im gonna slap them on when my Fyxation wears out


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Mar 23 11 8:52 AM

On the real, I only use 23c zaffrios. Cheap, never pop. The only flats I get (like 4 total over how many years?) are from skidding thru the threads. I also never got a pinch flat and I rarely air up. Certified

Gatorskins are ok if you get em for $30. Didn't feel they lasted longer than zaffs and I don't get flats so I can't speak on their puncture proofing. Did notice they are stickier than zaffs and will work your legs a bit more the first week of skidding.

Only tires I've ever HATED were Speediums. So fucking soft, I felt my knees were getting tore apart. I ran them at like under 60psi till I replaced em. The worst.

Iono bout Randos, I don't fucks with monster truck tires...

Do it for the city

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Jul 18 11 7:46 PM

I won't even pretend to know a ton about tires but I've had Randos and liked them but the Maxxis Re-Fuse has been better and seems to have lasted longer through skidding. I just put on a break so hopefully I wont need to replace as often. Anybody else had experience with the Maxxis tires?

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Jul 19 11 5:19 PM

For awhile I used panaracer t-serv's which I liked alot. They lasted awhile, minimal flats, skidded the shit out of them.
About a year ago I randomly bought a maxxis refuse. I haven't bought anything since. I've had 1 flat on them in that time. They also roll well and aren't extremely heavy. You can get em in 23's too. 120psi max.

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