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May 25 11 2:12 PM

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New sticky thread for those looking for the lowest price on parts at local shops.
Ask here and hopefully it will be answered.
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May 25 11 5:18 PM

how bout cheapest tires?!

i cant comb my hair, ask me why?

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May 25 11 7:08 PM

how bout cheapest tires?!


Most shops will have something $15 dollars and up 
I like me some Conti tires around $25-30 bucks are great

Cheapest shop for winningest wheelset?


B's Bikes always hooks it up and their prices are always fair. Heres an example, I asked how much one Mavic Open Pro rim was in Contiuum and guy told me it was $100, I went to B's they were $75


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May 26 11 5:06 AM

Cheapest Tubes:  Jack rabbit 14 st 4.99$ e/a - 10% off just for being  a cyclist ( they used to be $3.25 2 months ago :\ )

imo the shop with the cheapest ($$$$) tires is B's bikes Also is the best one for Bike repairs and tune ups they are nice guys charge really low and are not snobby

cheapest bike shop with accessories:top tube pads, messenger bags/backpacks, hip puch , u lock holder beer holder etc is : King kog

cheapest bike shop for Wheel building: i think both Affinity cycles and B's bikes are Good at it, while B's might not have everything you ask for in stock it takes a little longer but they make it up with free Wheel building rim rape included,  or affinity has always most of it ready in stock you will get it a whole lot quicker and the Wheel building might be free

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