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Jul 6 11 1:17 PM

lol thats a story to tell the grand kids. lol 


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Jul 6 11 1:28 PM

A Drug Addicted woman in her 40s who can ride fixed brakeless?
And didnt try to sell the bike or parts? Hrmmmm.
Well yu are very very Fortunate PJ!
I was gonna say try rubber cement thinner on the cleanup but um not 100% it wont muss up the paintjob.

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Jul 6 11 2:01 PM

Don't think there are any conspiracies here. She's been spotted around town riding it by other people, and her description matches every account... even PJ's. Crack heads do awesomely amusing shit that defies any kind of logic. At least she attempted to disguise it.... 

Props to Jeff... he's always down to help out.
Continuum gets my full support over any other shop in Manhattan.

PJ, try Goo Gone on a small area first and see how that works.

Love it or Leave it.

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Jul 6 11 4:00 PM

Re: getting the sticky stuff off your frame. Use gasoline or lighter fluid, shit will come right off without stripping the paint. I called Angelo to tell you PJ since I didn't have your #.

"Oh here go, hell come..."

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#48 [url]

Jul 6 11 9:17 PM

@cinellas I was able to take all that crap off with goo gone.  The bike looks awesome minus the scratches and missing decals.  

@benson ya man I'm back in action.

To all if your bike is worth over $500 2 ulocks is the minimum.

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#49 [url]

Jul 7 11 5:48 AM

wow this is amazing story, i think that  no matter what you do, if you are making a quick stop even for less than a minute. ALWAYS lock your bike properly. if you don't have a u lock, and you are sharing with somebody else. make sure your frame is the first to be locked then the other frame next to it, that makes it way harder to a thief to make a quick move ,     we all have to understand that a Ulock does not guarantee 100% protection  the only job it does is it makes it harder for it to get stolen.

Congrats PJ .  if you want to get rid of that Goo, use Goo gone put alot of it , then wash your bike with hot water and dawn dish detergent ,

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#50 [url]

Jul 7 11 6:05 AM

Congrats PJ!  you got very lucky to get your bike back in one piece with only very minor issues. lesson learned with a happy ending. sux though that the decals were rubbed off.

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#55 [url]

Jul 7 11 4:59 PM

Wow...crazy story with a happy ending. Glad you got it back man. Thats something that doesn't happen often. I would disinfect the shit out of it though [image]


Especially that saddle and bars


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