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Jul 7 11 12:30 PM

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I had my bike stolen and I am heartbroken and hope that by some miracle it will be returned to me. I live on the South Side of Williamsburg (South 5th) and it was stolen from my porch. This bike has an enormous amount of sentimental value and is something I consider to be priceless and it would mean the world if I got it back. I rebuilt the bike after it was completely ruined in a fire at my old apartment -- third pic is what it looked like before I rebuilt it. 

Attached is a photo of the bicycle. The frame is pretty scratched up, and has what looks like rust damage (it's actually fire/smoke damage) sealed into the paint over the Fuji logo. It's made for a small person (I'm 4'10"), it has a bell on it, only has front brakes, and is free wheel with an attachment to make it fixed. 

If returned I will give a cash reward no questions asked.

Thank you.

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Jul 8 11 8:06 AM

I will definitely keep my eyes peeled when I'm riding around.  I know exactly how you feel I have had two bikes I purchased within the past year stolen from me and one returned.  There is that chance that you might get it back.  I would suggest making flyers and hand them to as many bike shops in case the thieves try to sell it.

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