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Mar 21 12 11:40 AM

Where at Grand Army do you guys link up?  Its a big ass intersection.

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#169 [url]

Mar 22 12 9:34 AM

Thanks for making me do more than 2 laps guys. Ha!
Highlight was watching Turbo spin half a lap on his mini bike.
Then there was the MIST.
Good meeting another strong rider Gilmatic.

Heres some Instagram pics from Me, Crooklynnow, Chrisss, Pistolpete and Generate

Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment

Tires FS: LimeGreen/black Detonators 23s folding. $20 Get on TWITTER Bitches!/aldep

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#171 [url]

Mar 23 12 12:32 PM

So whats the deal with PP?  Is the road work done?


Nah, Just came from there. They just started. You can ride in there now if you want. You can start at the main entrance then make a left and cut through the park and come out on the other side.

Name: Javon aka Apollo Quote: No pistons just pedals.

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#175 [url]

Aug 8 12 1:44 PM

Def gonna be there, would be cool to finally meet some of you guys after lurking on here forever. 

Meet at the main entrance right?

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