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Jul 12 11 1:37 PM

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Didn't feel like spending $300 on one, so I made my own.

Handmade by yours truely
100% natural bamboo
Mounted to wall in about 1 minute

Pretty hyped on the end result

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Jul 12 11 7:38 PM

good work man! and i wish i had walls that could hold the weight 


Best part is, it doesn't have to even hit a stud in the wall
Mine is just right into the plaster/drywall
The way the mount works takes all the weight pulling it out of the wall at the top of the rack and pushes it right back into the wall on the bottom

sick. Make one for pursuit bikes ;)


How pursuit are we talking
Like TT/Aero or downward sloping top tube?

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Aug 21 11 6:54 PM

Should have 5-6 of these done by Friday

So far I have e-mails from a few people
If you already emailed me, your good
If not and you are interested please shoot me an email (not a PM)

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Mar 1 12 6:15 AM

Let me get a shipping quote. Send me your address.

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