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Aug 8 11 8:53 AM

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Post-Training Nutritional Tips for Cyclists

5 Simple Tips for a Better Recovery

After getting some pretty serious leg cramps halfway thru my first century ride,

I started reading up on how important proper nutrition is to cycling. (Also proper bike fit!)

I havent had a cycling related muscle cramp in years.
The longest distance Id ridden previously was 60, no cramps.
Its funny that during the century ride the muscle cramps started happening around 60 miles.

They were pretty bad.
With one cramp inside my right hip which actually paralysed my leg temporarily!
(Thank god I could coast!)
Anyhoo I thought I had hydrated properly up to this point.
(I had HEED energy gels mixed with water during my ride.
Then again I also had a bottle of coke at our first pit stop. My downfall me thinks!)

After some internets reading I found out that people with lower body fat dehydrate and lose sodium and potasium (thru sweat) much more quickly. Good stuff to know for my next century!

Share any post ride recovery tips here!!

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Aug 8 11 11:00 AM

hahaah the same thing happened to me during an alleycat, on a track bike no brakes. both legs cramped, i fell on the pavement like a fish out of the water

ever since i follow those steps you mentioned before/after race i havent had any problems.

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Aug 8 11 4:26 PM

That blog's advice is good, although he makes it sound like if you mess up your eating your ride was worthless, I don't agree with that. You just won't get the full benefits. 

Your body can absorb ~200-300cal/hr while riding, so you need to eat while riding. And also drink, I keep a sports drink in the front bottle and water in the back if my ride is 2+hrs. Eat a clif bar and drink a 16oz bottle every hour. Immediately after riding you need eat carbs and protein (even better if you can drink it, it'll speed absorption). Eat carb/proteins periodically as long as the ride lasted, after that eat more fruits/veggies/lean protein.

Better yet, go buy Joe Friel's book the Cyclist's Training Bible and. It's 100x better than this dudes blog. His blog is okay too, but, it really highlights things that are skimmed in his books.

I wrote a little recovery article awhile back that pretty much just lays out Joe's ideas in a different way last year too,

“You have gotta rest harder than you train.”

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Aug 10 11 2:30 PM

Great thread. Workout nutrition is so important. If i run out of protein after a heavy leg day I can look toward to feeling shity for the rest of the week. Ive recently started learning about insulin, its anabolic benefits, canabolic/fat storing drawbacks, and increasing sensitivity. On top of all that don't forget your anti-inflamatory fruits like blueberries. Helps a ton with tendinitis...

Do it for the city

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