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Aug 21 11 3:18 PM

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so this is a long shot but I should give it a try at least.

last night I was at my boy's bbq in elmhurst, and by the end of the night my bike was gone. Someone went through the backyard and grabbed it over the wall. it's a black GT GTB size 56 CM. I believe it's a 1997 frame. 

This bike has white all city cranks, a silver miche seatpost, and a simple wheelset. If you or your friends get offered this bike or see it on the street, please let me know. It was very valuable and I'd like it back. 

this is what is looks like:

email me at if you hear anything. Thanks.

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Aug 22 11 8:15 AM

That is my old frame it is registered to the NYPD. Its slim but I mean its around the neighborhood it will show up eventually. Its a GTB its pretty easy to spot. I got my eyes open and Ulock in hand.


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