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Sep 2 11 6:44 AM

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Time to get a real kit.
Anything over 20 miles in shorts and a tee is getting old.

Anyone ever get a kit off of ebay?
Are they total shit?
I'm assuming they're knock off, hence being less than half the price.

Thinking of something like this:


If the ebay ones are real bad, any other places to get discount kits?

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#1 [url]

Sep 2 11 6:56 AM

Haven't checked in in quite a while, but figured I would for this - 
I would say it's good to invest in bibs (around $150-$200) because the difference between a terrible kit with a terrible chamois and an excellent kit with a well-designed chamois is humongous, especially after you've been on the bike for a solid hour or so.  To have a cheapo chamois rubbing against your junks-and-taint region is no good!  My rapha bibs have treated me extremely well.

Jerseys, however, are less so.  I'd say just buy whatever fits and is cheap.  My rapha jersey is nice, but the difference is less noticeable.  

Take this for what you will, but in terms of velominati rules though:

Rule #17
 Team kit is for members of the team.

Wearing Pro team kit is also questionable if you’re not paid to wear it.  If you must fly the colors of Pro teams, all garments should match perfectly, i.e no Mapei jersey with Kelme shorts and Telekom socks.

cool cool. cool cool cool.

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Sep 2 11 7:14 AM

You know those "Chinatown Kits" are not bad at all.
I would spend money on good Shorts (I like bibs cuz they dont sag at the back)
Then wear a Chinatown Top Jersey.

Non team Chinatown kits are also available.
Search for Craft, Sportful, Castelli, Nalini, Capo, Assos, Shimano, Pearl Izumi ....
Most of these Chinatown kits are made by MONTON
Check their site:

Yes I also wouldnt wear PRO Team Kits that are still Racing but I would wear kits from defunct teams.
Especially teams with significant meaning like the 7 Eleven Team which were the first American team to represent in the Tour de France.
I also wouldnt wear champ stripes.
Again most of these rules revolve around respect.

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#5 [url]

Sep 2 11 8:38 AM

I have bought three kits off of e bay and they have been good. The one I had on the other night was from e bay. 


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#9 [url]

Sep 24 11 3:27 PM

I actually own and we'd be interested in doing the kit order. What sort of artwork files do you all have? How many riders do you estimate?

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