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Sep 6 11 10:05 PM

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So I have a threadless stem on my bike, and all i did was add new spacers, but when I put back the stem cap, bolts, etc, there's play in the stem/headset. For the record, what's the order? The top cap bolt first, then the stem clamp bolts or vice-versa?

Also, I feel like there's now a gap in the Chris King headset as well that might have happened while I was removing the spacers (which doesn't make sense)

I haven't dealt with this problem because I was fucking with quill stems with the Track. Any help? Thanks in advance!

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Sep 6 11 11:08 PM

Well if you removed your stem did you shift the fork in any way? Maybe the Chisking dust cap came off a little bit. Make sure that is all the way down into the bearings. Keep your stem bolts loose and snug down the compressor cap then tighten the bolts of the stem. Also idk but since you added spacers not remove, make sure you have space for the top cap to not touch the steerer tube


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