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Sep 8 11 8:28 AM

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I've been thinking of getting a thickslick tire for the rear for a while now.. They look really dope.. I'm sure some of you guys tried them out before.. I do a moderate amount of skids and don't wear brakes.. Can I get some feedback, pros and cons before I replace my already bombproof rear tire... Thanks in advance...
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Sep 9 11 7:36 PM

I haven't ridden a thickslick, but they do look great.  And they are cheap.. around $20!  The thinnest model is a 25c though... I would only consider riding a 23c.

A recommendation: I'm riding a Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase in the rear. $50. It's durable & super sticky.   When skidding, it makes no noise and immediately grabs the road.  It doesn't make it fun to skid- no screeching sounds or gliding, but it provides the best stopping power... which is what really matters.  

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Sep 10 11 6:34 AM

Thanks.. The info is appreciated... I actually just went from 49/16 to 49/18, feels great... So according to the chart I went from 16 skid patches to 18... I mean is it supposed to be better to have more skid patches or is there a preferred amount u want to have? I really never gave it a thought or actually knew about it..

-super dave! taino ti natiao

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Sep 10 11 6:39 AM

Dont pick your gearing based on how many skid patches that cog chainring combo gives you. If you really want your tires to last just dont skid.
That 49x18 is very practical for the street though! I love my 42x18 spin to win!


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Sep 10 11 6:45 AM

Anything above 16 skid patches is perfect: your tire will wear evenly around its circumference.  It's actually a great idea to use a 49T front ring- you get a bit more gear inches, plus the versatility of using different rear cogs and maintaining many skidpatches.  

Skid patches are determined by the lowest common denominator of your gear ratio- 49 doesn't simplify unless it's 14 or 21.  Who makes your 49T ring?  I'd like to get one, but they don't seem to be too popular.  

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Sep 10 11 7:59 AM

Im with benson here, skidding is for emergencies, downhill and vimeo :D

On 49x16 with this guy up front

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Sep 10 11 4:55 PM

Gorgeous ring!  It's tough finding one with 130 BCD.  Maybe an excuse for a new crankset.  

And I respectfully disagree about teh skidz.  A few a day keeps things spicy. 

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Sep 10 11 6:37 PM

Campy knockoff FTW! I got one of these on an old set of Shimano 105 cranks and it's awesometown. Easy-Off the anodising for some ghetto shrunken Sugino Mighty/SSP steez.

@eluke which 130bcd cranks are you rocking?

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Sep 10 11 7:22 PM

FSA Vero Track- stock with my T1.  It's the last remaining stock component on my bike... but I've had no reason to upgrade yet.  I'll definitely check out Continuum.  

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Oct 7 11 6:41 AM

@eluke mine is a stock carbon FSA that came w my FTP... I must say that switching to an 18cog feels much better on the legs tho..

-super dave! taino ti natiao

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