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Sep 27 11 8:03 AM

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Lets not see anymore PDL'ers bikes in the stolen section.

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Sep 28 11 8:32 AM

Duuuude I rode on the PATH train after I busted my ass During ESCAPE NY
with THAT dude right next to me!
He was like 'yur rear is low man' Ha!
I thought he was just some homeless wandering hippie cyclist, didnt realize he was a mech at Habitat!

Tires FS: LimeGreen/black Detonators 23s folding. $20 Get on TWITTER Bitches!/aldep

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Sep 28 11 5:44 PM

Bicycle Habitat is a block away from me & I'll bring my bike to Hal once in a while.  My uncle has been going to Hal for 10 years now.  Crispy bastard!  No-nonsense.  He has no patience for noob cyclists, haha. 

Some dude: "Hi I'm looking for a bike"
Hal:  "I'm the damn mechanic!  I no nothing about buying bikes, go ask that guy!"

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Sep 28 11 7:51 PM

Conversion between Hal and my buddies father who was in town to ride a century. His pedal sheered off leaving the axle stuck in the crank arm. 

Friends Dad: Got a little problem here (shows the pedal)
Hal: Who installed the pedals?
FD: I did
Hal: What do you do for a living?
FD: I'm a lawyer
Hal: Maybe you should stick to that and leave working bikes to me 

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