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Oct 14 11 11:10 AM

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Looking to add some biek pr0n to my feed. I know you iPhone-havin' mofos are out there.
Feel free to add me, if you don't mind mostly pictures of mini-me. That is all.

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Aug 1 12 7:53 AM

Thanks Al!

I don't know why you included Felix in the uptown crew though. He basically lives in Canada.. near the Arctic Circle.. hahaha

I ride track bikes, not trick bikes.

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Aug 28 12 8:16 AM

Posted on Instagram:
Trackordie is throwin little relay race this Wed Aug 29.

We’re sad to see summer go but before it ends, we need to jam! That is, TOD’s 2nd Two Lap Jam around Central Park (Single/fixed gear)
When? Wednesday, August 29th @ 10PM
(race starts promptly at 10:30)

Where? Meet at statue at entrance of park by Columbus Circle (south west corner of park, 59th st)
What? $5 buy in. It will be a 2 member team (picked randomly on night of event). Each member will race one lap, making it a two lap race in total. There may be a twist to keep things interesting…
Why? Cash prize for winning team and swag for other top finalists.
**While competitive, this event is meant to be FUN! So come out ready to race, but most of all laugh at and with a great group of riders**

Tires FS: LimeGreen/black Detonators 23s folding. $20 Get on TWITTER Bitches!/aldep

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