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Nov 27 11 1:01 PM

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Since Al mentioned it on the twitter I want to throw it out there.. I have access to a screening room in a residential building in Brooklyn (Williamsburg/ Bushwick area). The room holds 25 ppl seated (leather recliners) plus a good 10 more standing... A real good friend of mine lives there and I could get the room whenever I like, as long as I ask for it in advance.. Let me know if u guys are interested. I already have the DVD.
The building is called Castlebraid here's what it looks like:
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Nov 29 11 9:38 AM

Ok um down this Friday.
But other pdlrs might be busy hangin out or drunkin Friday night.

How bout next Wed or Thurs or This Sunday?? 8:30 showtime?
It will give me time to get the word out.

Whats the bike parking situation like?
Does the place have a basement or backyard??

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Nov 29 11 1:36 PM

Actually the building has a bike storage room where u can lock them.. If that gets full we can alway bring the bikes in the screening room I guess... Sunday and all of next week is fine by me. I'm off for these 2 weeks.. Get everyone to agree on a date and time and I'll take the next step.

-super dave! taino ti natiao

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Nov 29 11 2:13 PM

LOL. Yorker, you'll have a tough time getting folks on here to agree on a date/time. [/quote

not really, its in his hands because he has the connect so if somebody cant make it, thats on them

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Nov 29 11 3:04 PM

We should not be the one deciding when. The person throwing it will out a day and time. Most of us will be free after 8pm so pick any day is good for the host!


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Nov 29 11 4:17 PM

I vote for this Sunday, 8:30pm.  Thanks again Illyorker for hosting us!  That's a sweet looking apartment complex. 

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