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May 8 12 2:50 PM

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Hey my name is Quinn. I do food delivery in Greenpoint / Williamsburg. It's been over a year since this was stolen on ave. D. I made the frameset with Koichi Yamaguchi - this bike was my life. Yesterday a guy named Edward Lloyd contacted Ian at Icarus frames with this message, "I purchased a custom frame from somebody off of Craigslist for $950. the frame had no markings and determined to find the maker I stumbled upon Icarus bc it shared the same geometry as one of your frames. I was excited bc obv that would be a great deal for me seeing as $2100 is your base price. sadly enough upon further research it's not only NOT an Icarus but it was stolen over a year ago from a friend of yours named Quinn Landan. I'm an honest person, who's bike was also recently stolen, and would like the frame to return to its rightful owner. I mean, he built it for himself and it's the right thing to do. can you please put me in touch with him?"

Ian called me and passed my number onto Eddie (who I had not met before yesterday). On the phone Eddie was unclear on what parts of the bike he has. He told me in passing that all of it was there without explaining further and then retracted this saying he has the frame, fork and headset although after explainging I built the stem too he said he had it. We agreed to meet at Calexico since he lives right above it. When we hung up I checked Craigslist for the ad for my bike which there was no trace of. I'm almost certain even deleted ads leave a link when you search in C.L. maybe you all can confirm this. A friend of mine who is always on facebook said he never saw the ad (I also think if this bike had shown up on C.L. for $950 it would have received some attention on this forum - maybe that's ego lol). Second, Eddie told me he lost the seller's phone number when he switched phones I'm guessing the same or next day. It's yet unclear when the bike was "purchased". In the email writeen to Ian at Icarus Eddie says he bought it but not when. He sent the email yesterday. Eddie told me in so many words it was a recent purchase.

Eddie described the transaction to me in relative detail. He contacted the seller through a [nonexistant] ad on craigslist and scheduled a meetup with a [nonexistant] phone number. The seller drove to Greenpoint in a cab (apparently right in front of Calexico where Eddie lives) and quickly exchanged the bike for $950. Now if this is true prior to this exchange Eddie could only have seen photos of the bike. The email he sent to Ian makes it clear that when he bought the bike he had no idea what it was. It was already in his possession when he began researching Icarus and myself.

$950 is a lot for a steel bike with no logos no matter how fire the bike really is. Of course it's also C.L. and clearly the seller was unable to provide any background info on the frame (eddie had to his own digging) so it should have been obvious the seller had stolen it. Even if he were willing to pay nearly a grand I'm sure it would not have been a rushed exchange as described. Eddie should have taken time to examine the bike. This wouldn't have been likely done in cab.

I am openly accusing eddie of lying to me about the ad, the seller, the phone number, the exchange, the timing, the price. Either he bought it for less elsewhere, researched it, and is now trying to get me to hand over a grand for the bike or he was involved with the original theft and has had it all along. Regardless when we agreed to meet yesterday it was with the understanding that i would get to see my old steed (leading me to believe it was still in his house). However, when we met he told me his apt. was a mess because he recently moved (recently changed phones too? damn nigga) and the bike was at his friends house for a "COUPLE WEEKS". This came from nowhere. My theory is he didn't want to show it to me in his house because he has all the original components making him an obvious liar. Of course I have no proof.

He SAYS HE'S HAVING IT BUILT UP AT KING KOG. I'm going to post updates in the forum here as things proceed. I want the truth above all and for everyone to do the right thing. I apologise if I'm wrong and tarnishing someones rep, but this story is MAD SKETCH!!!!!!!!


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May 8 12 8:27 PM

call. the. cops.

Regardless of how he got the bike (which I agree, sounds totally shady) he is in posestion of stolen property. 9/10ths of the law!

Get you bike back w/o paying up by putting tax dollars to work

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May 9 12 8:08 AM

Are you sure he lives at that building?
Well Tell King Kog about it,
when the dude brings the bike in Let the KingCog guys take the bike from him and hold it for you.
Keep checking Craigslist he might to try and sell the frame.

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May 9 12 8:24 AM

Thanks for all the advice guys. I believe I am well on my way to getting it back. This is Edward Lloyd who is claiming to be in possession of my bike. I've already contacted Sean at King Kog if it makes its way there the frame will be held until the truth comes out. The frame is supposedly in Ed's friend's apartment and is inaccessible until Friday evening when said friend returns to the city via airplane. @_@ jedi / spidey sense says this guy is a shitty liar. 

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