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Jun 14 12 12:05 PM

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Hello family & friends

I would like to introduce an exciting line,General Public Supply Co. I have been working on it over the past year. General Public Supply Co. is a hat accessories line for men with heavy influences from today's pop culture and the surf and skate lifestyle. We released our first five panel hat in May 2012 and have since grown our fan base and our overall goals for our line.
We are looking to launch our full line of hats to public for the fall ‘12. I started a Kickstarter to help raise money ($5,500) so we can turn these designs on paper, into a fully produced line of hats.  We have a dead line to raise the money for this Kickstarter, we only have 30 days to raise the money by (July 11, 2012)
It’s ALL OR NOTHING if we don’t raise the full amount then we get NOTHING.
Your pledges will allow us to bring an array of exciting designs to life by purchase sample fabrics, order sample hats, and send them to production. By pledging at our lowest level of just $1, you can help turn our designs on paper, into a fully produced line by (Aug '12). With your pledge of $25 OR MORE, you will secure yourself a limited edition, green label General Public Supply Co. hat, plus other exciting extras. We will only be producing (125) of this limited edition hat. We also have other great hats that you can pledge on starting at $30, please contribution today to secure your very own hat.
Whatever you can contribute is so deeply appreciated. When the Kickstarter campaign for General Public Supply Co. is completed you will receive a survey asking for your name, shipping address, and which hats you would like based on the pledge level to which you committed. So, don't worry if you don't see the option style RIGHT when you donate, you will receive an e-mail asking for all of that info when the project is successful (here’s to positive thinking!)
P.S. Please share this campaign, we need all the support we can get.

          Frankie A Acosta   


General Public Supply Co
I AM ALSO PART OF THIS COMPANY . Me and my boy Mark joined forces finally and we need your support for us to take  our company to the next level and get our hats off the ground . Thank you for your time . Frankie Acosta 

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